Better Water Leads To Better Health, Safety, and Quality of Life

Water plays a major role in our everyday lives. Although we can live for weeks without food, we survive only days without water. As a matter of fact, there is a little water in almost everything we eat. Since water is such an important part of our lives, many people are becoming increasingly concerned about its quality.

Most people frequently encounter issues with their water and mistakenly think that either the cause is plumbing or just something they have to live with. Good news! You do not have to live with it and you will probably not need your plumbing overhauled to fix the problem.

Let Us Fix Your Water Problems

A water system is one of the most important elements of any household for your family's health and well-being. And, the right water filtration and treatment system not only saves money. It provides clean water for better health.

Water filters, water softeners, water conditioners, and water purifiers are the perfect solution for most homes with water problems. Once installed, you and your family will begin benefiting daily.

Take the First Step Toward Enjoying Clean Water

We are Tri-State Water Systems, your source for the finest and most affordable home water systems available today, including water filters, water softeners, water conditioners, and water purifiers. We have been in the business of providing these systems since 1992 and can solve most any water problem.

Most Common Water Problems

Look over the following short list of common symptoms and causes that are easily fixed:

  • Chlorine Taste and Odor: Often caused by chlorine used by municipalities to disinfect the water supply
  • Metallic Taste and Odor: Caused by elevated levels of iron and other metals
  • Musty, Earthy, Fishy Taste and Odor: Can be caused by algae, mold and bacteria which live in the water and can multiply inside your home's plumbing system
  • Chemical "Lighter Fluid" Taste and Odor: Caused by methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), a gasoline additive that has recently come under public scrutiny and may eventually be phased out
  • "Rotten Egg" Smell: Comes from hydrogen sulfide in the water
  • Cloudiness or Turbidity: Resulting from suspended sediment particles
  • Blue-Green or Red Stains: Caused by metals such as iron and copper

Common Benefits of Fixing Water Problems

The following are just some of the benefits your family can begin enjoying immediately:

  • Smoother, healthier skin
  • Water impurities removed
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for expensive bottled water
  • Healthier, better tasting food and beverages
  • Eliminate residues for quicker, easier house cleaning
  • Reduce the need for harsh, irritating chemical cleaners
  • An efficient water system can help save money
  • Prolong the life and improve the efficiency of hot water heaters